Photo by Linda Mickel

Photo by Linda Mickel

Kevin and Lynn

Blueberry Meadows was started in the 1950s by Edward and Ruth Vaughan. Edward was a professor of plant pathology at OSU from 1947 until his retirement in 1974 and Ruth was an OSU graduate in home economics with a keen interest in nutrition and gardening. We bought the farm in 1993 and are the second owners.

Lynn is originally from Chicago and has an educational background as a math and science teacher. She taught math for over 16 years in the Midwest, Southern California, and Corvallis. Kevin grew up in Los Angeles and is a professionally trained chef, a graduate of the “other CIA” (Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY). He worked for 22 years in restaurants and hotels in Chicago, Milwaukee, Los Angeles, Healdsburg (CA), and Corvallis.

We moved from Healdsburg to Corvallis in 1991. We chose Corvallis because it met the criteria of what we were looking for in a community: a small town with good schools, located in a valley, a reasonable cost of housing from our warped California perspective, and home to a four-year university. When we moved here, we had never visited the town, didn’t have employment, didn’t have a place to stay, and didn’t know anyone. We also had a baby and a toddler in tow. We have never regretted it.

Before purchasing Blueberry Meadows, all we knew about blueberries was how to cook and eat them. Lynn’s experience picking blueberries came from childhood summers spent in South Haven, Michigan, a major blueberry growing region.  Being “big city” people, we had no experience in agriculture. The first year was insane; we didn’t know what we were doing. Guidance came from local blueberry farmers and members of the now disbanded Oregon Blueberry Growers Association.

Over time, we have learned the rhythm of the seasonal tasks and have made improvements to the property. Summers are the most intense season with long, active days. When we purchased the farm, almost the entire crop was being sold to a broker. From the beginning, it was our goal to sell all the berries locally, which we are now able to do. Providing an outstanding product with excellent service has been key to achieving that goal. 

We feel extremely fortunate to call Blueberry Meadows our home; it is rural and peaceful yet close to town. Our two daughters had an idyllic childhood on the farm and are now grown and on their own, one an archaeologist and the other an environmental engineer, both careers related to land stewardship. We hear from many of our cherished customers that Blueberry Meadows is a vital part of what makes Corvallis unique. We are pleased to fill that role and look forward to our future years here on the farm.